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About the company

C&M is a dynamically growing enterprise specialising in the installation and delivery of ventilation, air-conditioning and plumbing systems.

The company started its operations in 2011, growing intensely since then and completing new projects. Long-term experience in HVAC systems allows us to satisfy the expectations and needs of even the most demanding customers.

Thanks to fast development, we are able to show you an extensive list of past projects we have completed in Poland and abroad. It includes retail stores, public buildings as well as manufacturing halls and large warehouses.

We offer services spanning the delivery, installation, repair, servicing of equipment as well as system design. 
We have a highly qualified team, which, thanks to its experience, has proven its top reliability in order execution.
Continuously improving the quality of our services, we have become a trusted partner for many Investors and General Contractors.

Installation and delivery

- ventilation systems
- air-conditioning systems
- comprehensive HVAC systems installation

Advisory and optimisation services

- advisory services during design and construction
- project optimisation allows for the reduction of investment costs
- adaptation to investor expectations
- assessment of the technical condition and efficiency of systems in operation

Technical service

- warranty and post-warranty service for entire systems as well as ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
- repairs of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
- metering and adjustments of ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Why do customers pick us?

Long-term experience in the industry allows us to satisfy the expectations and needs of even the most demanding Customers.


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Joanna Pietraszewska

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Technical department:

mgr inż. Arkadiusz Nittner

mgr inż. Przemysław Matczak

mgr inż. Rafał Majak

mgr inż. Michał Oborzyński

mgr inż. Karol Kojder

mgr inż. Adam Kłobut

mgr inż. Mariusz Kuszyk

mgr inż. Jakub Smoliński


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