About Us

About Us

C&M is a dynamically growing enterprise specializing in the installation and delivery of ventilation, air-conditioning and plumbing systems.
About Us

Our brand stands for the highest quality of service, excellent organisation and complete professionalism, which we have consistently maintained since the company’s inception.

Od ponad dziesięciu lat dostarczamy naszym Klientom skutecznych i innowacyjnych rozwiązań w zakresie inwestycji i projektów HVAC. For more than a decade, we have been providing our customers with effective and innovative solutions for HVAC projects and developments.
Jesteśmy generalnym wykonawcą instalacji sanitarnych w Polsce i Europie. Projektujemy, dostarczamy, montujemy i doradzamy na każdym etapie współpracy. We are a general contractor for HVAC and plumbing services in Poland and Europe. We design, deliver, install and advise at every stage of collaboration.
Stawiamy na najwyższą jakość usług, co zostało potwierdzone przyznaniem certyfikatu jakości ISO 9001. We are committed to the highest quality of service, which has been confirmed by the award of the ISO 9001 quality certificate.
Wśród naszych dotychczasowych realizacji znajdują się wielkopowierzchniowe hale produkcyjne, magazyny, centra dystrybucyjne, galerie handlowe, fabryki, biurowce oraz budynki użytku publicznego. Our past projects include large factory buildings, warehouses, distribution centres, shopping malls, office buildings and public buildings.
Wysoką jakość realizowanych usług zapewnia wykwalifikowana kadra- dysponujemy 120 osobowym zespołem, składającym się inżynierów, brygadzistów, monterów oraz pracowników administracji. The high quality of the services provided is ensured by our highly qualified staff – we have a team of 120, consisting of engineers, foremen, fitters and administrative staff.
O naszym profesjonalizmie świadczy ponad 500 zrealizowanych projektów oraz liczne nagrody, które potwierdzają wysoką jakość usług niezmiennie od 11 lat. Our professionalism is evidenced by more than 500 completed projects and numerous awards, which prove the high quality of our services consistently for 11 years.

About us:

  • We are a general contractor for HVAC and plumbing services.
  • We advise, design, deliver and provide maintenance.
  • We operate in the field of industrial and commercial installations.
  • Our close-knit, young team consists of 120 people: engineers, foremen, fitters and administrative staff.
  • We have been operating throughout Europe for more than 10 years.
  • We are experts in the HVAC industry, having completed hundreds of projects.
  • We are committed to the highest quality of service, which has been confirmed by the award of the ISO 9001 quality certificate.
  • Our advancement has been recognised and rewarded: Forbes Diamonds, Business Gazelle, Diamonds of the Polish Economy, Ambassador for Innovation, Highest Quality – Quality International, Made in Poland and many other awards and rankings.
  • Our many years of experience in the HVAC field allow us to meet the expectations and needs of even the most demanding customer.
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Reference #1

The level of services provided by C&M Sp. z o.o. we rate very highly. The contractor’s extensive professional experience, flexibility of operation and good organization of work resulted in the works received by the Investor receiving a high quality, technical and aesthetic evaluation.
We have no hesitation in recommending C&M Sp. z o.o. as a proven and reliable partner.

Hyunho Sin
Hyunho Sin
Prezes zarządu Luans

We gladly recommend C&M company as a professional and trustworthy business partner.

C&M company proved to be a contractor who professionally implements investments entrusted to it.

Tomas Trocil
Tomas Trocil
Prezes Zarządu Hilti

Hilti Polska is pleased to announce that C&M Sp. z o.o. was included in the group of VIP clients.

Adam Arkadiusz Kamiński
Adam Arkadiusz Kamiński

We can say with full conviction that the work performed by C&M Sp. z o.o. sap is reliable and professional, and the employees are trustworthy.

They trusted us



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